America Does Not Support It's Troops

The idea that a soldier, in combat operations, would have to ponder in the back of their mind the possibility that if they are wrong when they pull the trigger they may be charged criminally may give them pause. In that moment of pause, if they were right their hesitation may cause their fellow soldiers their lives. What does one do?

War is ugly, and mistakes on the battlefield are no different than civilian casualties from a bombing mission but you do not see pilots charged. Charging soldiers for killing in a war zone? War is not checkers. In war you want men willing to kill, without little hesitation. War is ugly so that it remains undesirable.

It makes you wonder why anyone would want to join the U. S. military. You are a target of the enemy and your government is looking to take you out also. Why do it?

A Marine sniper charged in the shooting deaths of two Syrians told a military court Wednesday he believed he was protecting his troops from a roadside bomb. [Read]

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