Obama Wins

Now that Obama is the Democratic Party's candidate the media is declaring another race over: With a significant Obama lead in the polls versus McCain, history will repeat itself, ensuring Obama's victory. Well, that is what the news shows seem to be shouting.

If they can declare Obama the winner he can still go with the "Hope" and "Change" baloney before ever having to say anything of substance. In this campaign of "Hope" and "Change" how come he seems to be running one of those highly corrupt, insider laden Democratic Machine campaigns that are all too familiar? We all know about his newly convicted friend Tony Rezko, though Obama deftly describes some of his actions with Rezko as "a mistake."

Is it now another "mistake" that the man he chose to help find his veep is resigning from his campaign because he took advantage of his power and influence in business dealings:

James A. Johnson, the consummate Washington insider whom Senator Barack Obama tapped to head his vice-presidential search effort, resigned abruptly on Wednesday to try to silence a growing furor over his business activities. [Read]

Hope and change are words; actions are all that matter.

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