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Democrats Walk the Talk

What more would you expect from a (D)emocrat than to walk away from a home they purchased with 100% financing. As a politician, they still have a job, but they chose to walk, leaving the responsibility for their home to someone else. There is no clearer definition of a Democrat than Laura Richardson of Long Beach.

These people can not even manage their own lives yet you want them to manage yours? You must not think yourself very capable.

The Curtis Park house is not Richardson's primary residence. She also owns a four-bedroom house in Long Beach, in her Congressional district. Real estate records show she purchased that house in 1999 for $135,000. An estimate from puts the current value of that house at $474,000 [Read]

Laura Richardson: Democrat of the year!

posted at 19:29:02 on 05/21/08 by clearpolitics - Category: Economics - [Permalink]

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Anthony wrote:

Really? Do you want me to list what the Republicans have gotten caught doing over the last 8 yrs??? I'll start with Larry you want me to go on????

People are people and once you stop and realize that there truly is no difference between one Politician and the next and that they are all equally corrupt and out for their own personal gain, the sooner this country will be able to move forward. Until then continue your ignorance!
05/26/08 21:39:36

clearpolitics wrote:

Granted, there may be little difference between politicians but there is a difference between those who have philosophical beliefs they label as liberal and conservative--really inappropriate labels.

You are correct, that people are out to serve their own best interest, but how they act upon that interest speaks volumes about their character. There is a difference between the man who will not confront his sexuality and the woman who decides to walk away from her financial obligations, though there are undoubtedly similarities also.
05/27/08 11:20:52

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