Liberty, when it begins to take root, is a plant of rapid growth.

- President George Washington

Obama Wins! Hillary Wins!

They each won a primary. Obama won in Oregon by around [still counting] 100,000 votes with a 58% to 42% margin. Hillary won Kentucky by around 250,000 votes with more than a 2 to 1 margin over Obama.

Total votes for the day, Hillary wins without question. Too bad she is out of the race, even though she seems to continue getting more votes.

Reminder: The reason we have Remocrat George Bush in office is because of who the Democrats ran against him. The Democrats are horrible at picking their candidates, and it looks like they will do it again. In case you have not noticed, ask Obama a real question and you get a rambling non-answer--this will not work well in the general.

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Anthony wrote:

Or you get an itellectual response that cannot be answered in 3 words. But maybe when he uses words with more than 4 letters in them you start getting confused and think he's rambling.
05/26/08 21:49:03

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