If there is no struggle, there is no progress.

- Frederick Douglas

Obama Too Pro Freedom!!!

That is right, so called "conservatives" are beginning their attack on Barack Obama for being pro freedom. Sure, they would call it something else, but make no mistakes, they are attacking him for being pro freedom.

If someone today tried to bring back alcohol prohibition the onslaught would loud and quick with condemnation over their attack on personal freedoms, and rightly so. If someone wanted to increase personal responsibility, decrease government regulation and decrease taxes on society, they would be called a freedom loving American...or would they.

Barack Obama has spoken in favor of drug legalization in the past but in running for the big office he promised not to decriminalize. We all know that is not what he truly believes; he is too intelligent to not see the contradictions. He has spoken about the ridiculously high cost of incarceration to society. He is now saying what he thinks he has to, as is McCain and every other politician. They need to tell the truth.

They will dig up clips where he speaks the truth about his use on drugs, illegal drugs, honestly, and attack. But what are they attacking, truth? Experience? Openness? Freedom? They will try to bring him down, even though they managed to get him to come around and advocate their side. (Why do this people call themselves conservative? What about regulating ones personal life is in support of freedom?)

Come on, Obama! Stand up for truth. It is time for a new generation and the hypocrisies of the scotch drinking effete snobs need to be challenged. Embrace freedom. Embrace truth. Embrace openness. Do not run and hide from your support of legalization, support the truth. Americans get it. If you are really about change, give it to them.

BTW: There are more drugs of all kinds floating around the wealthy class of society than their are in the poor, but the poor are the ones paying the price for this dishonesty. Let's stop the insanity.

Also, do you realize by legalizing drugs you will save thousands of lives per year? Remove drugs and gangs have lost their funding. You could say, "To be against drug legalization is to be pro gang." Are any of these candidates pro gang?

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