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- Abraham Lincoln

Hillary Pushed Aside

There are those who feel Hillary Clinton is not receiving the respect she deserves because she is a woman. There are those who believe she is not getting the respect she deserves because she is Bill's wife. There are others who believe she is not getting the respect because of Obama's roll as the chosen one. Whatever the reason, Hillary Clinton is not getting respect as a candidate any more as Obama is pushing her aside and running past her.

As of the North Carolina and Indiana primaries, Barack Obama has refocused his campaign. The assumed Democratic presidential nominee is now running more clearly against John McCain. He will not say this, he is just doing it.

Hillary is out of the race, as far as Democrats are concerned. Why is she not getting the respect she deserves in such a close race? Because they have decided they are done with her once the media decided "the race is over"...and you thought you had a voice.

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Respect is earned!!! wrote:

Respect is earned!!!
By now Mrs. Clinton should have step out of the race, She should stop fighting for the power and back Sen. Obama, help unite the Democrats and go after McCain, I dont not believe America or the world can sustain another Rep Presedent.
Respect is earned!!!
05/12/08 15:16:54

JLL wrote:


Hillary has dedicated her entire life to the people. Look at her 6 page Senate resume!!!!! He only has 2 pages and they have been proven to be over inflated by his own Illinois Democratic Party!! I will vote for a person who has worked their life for the people. That work EARNS the respect needed and required to be, The President of the United States!

Just what has Obama done to EARN THAT RESPECT???? LIED, LIED and more LIES!!!!
He lied to his constituents when he promised not to run for President until AFTER he had completed ONE TERM as their senator. The 44th president will be sworn in and Mr. Obama will still have 2+ years left in his 1st senatorial term!!!! He won his first election as a state senator underhandly. Go dig up the facts. Find out how he had the other candidates disqualified a the last hour. He talks of being new and not of the old school politics. He is from CHICAGO. They are known for having the dirtiest politics in the nation and he his known for participating and reaping the rewards! Ie, the 75,000 Chicagoans who "moved" to Gary, IN just long enough to vote in that primary. They have now "moved" back to Chicago!

This man will tear the Democratic Party apart and not care as long as he becomes President. He says he is a uniter but if that were true he would be reaching out right now. Instead what has he done....turned his back on Rev. Wright, Rezo, Altair and the list goes on. That saluting the flag means nothing, wearing a flag pin means nothing. That he is a patriot because of what is inside. The other stuff does not matter. Tell that to the veterans who fought for that flag and that pledge!!! He needs to tell the truth, not what he thinks will get him elected. He will not win in November. Look at the maps that Fox News had on the air two nights ago. He cannot win. End of story. He cannot win. That is the end.
05/14/08 10:56:23

JW wrote:

I agree with JLL, and Obama is my Senator....He was PUT at the top of most of his claimed legislation after years even decades of work by other Illinois Legislators......He stole words from Patrick Duvall's old speeches, and he lied to Illinois residents when he said he couldn't nor wouldn't run because he lacked the experience. He lies about Rezko, He lies about taking special interest money, and he lies about his ties to Big Oil and Nuclear industries. Give me a break, I will write in Hillary before voting for this phoney egomaniacal blow hole.
05/15/08 00:02:01

convention march wrote:

all (women) write in hillary clinton...........and dont forget our march in denver,let me know who will be meeting in phoenix,as i need a ride .
05/26/08 16:00:09

Anthony wrote:

Or maybe it has to do with her being a bad choice for this country or her constantly changing message oe hwe vote to authorize the war and then clone bush in not being able to admit her mistake...what is it she's running on again? oh yeah it depends on what town she's speaking to.

I have been a constituent of hillary's since she has been senator and i have to tell you...she dd not deliver on one promise she made to NY. She promised Buffalo 20,000 new jobs and in her term the city has lost jobs. not all her fault but just a clear example of her making more promises than she can possibly keep.

but since the math is impossible for her to win the nomination it must be sexist men pushing her aside and not just the cold hard facts. she's not going to win so it is time to focus on november, plain and simple. nothing sexist about it - just plain reality and hard math.

Why are people so afraid to accept that Obama might actually be the real deal??? Anyone who argues clearly does not read and gets their news from 30-second tid-bits on television who's sole purpose is ratings, not truth!

As Karl Popper said: No rational argument will have a rational effect on a man who does not want to adopt a rational attitude
05/26/08 22:04:50

Anthony wrote:

"Look at the maps that Fox News had on the air two nights ago."

Well there you have it - Fox News - the Republican owned and operated news station. yeah their not bias!

Hey, if you believe anything on that station I've got some beach front property in arizona for you! selll it to you real cheap!!!
05/26/08 22:08:52

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