Obama's Last Stand?

Clearly, the Rev. Wright issue is hurting Obama. The fact that Oprah became uncomfortable with the Rev's sermons after attending for a couple of years--so much so she eventually left the church--does not help Obama's case that over the decade plus of attendance he heard nothing that caused him to become disconcerted.

Newsweek's story on the Oprah angle will not help Obama, but if he can put Hillary away this Tuesday primary it will just be one of those carry over issues into the general election. The question is: What if Hillary puts Obama away Tuesday in Indiana and North Carolina?

Tuesday means more primary elections...not caucuses...does that spell more trouble for Obama.

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Respect is earned!!! wrote:

Stupess... You are beating a dead horse.. let go of this crap.. I can not believe you are still trying to make this an issue.
05/12/08 15:23:39

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