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- Carroll Shelby

Farm Subsidies

Why, in this time of high prices for agricultural commodities, does the government still spend billions of dollars handing out money to farmers? Does any candidate wish to end farm subsidies?

One grower, Sandridge Partners, received a subsidy payment of $1,064,134! Does that sound like a check to help the family farmer? Two thirds of the subsidy goes to the top 10% of growers?

More than $5 billion in direct payments are made each year to growers of corn, wheat, rice, cotton and a few other crops based on past production, regardless of market conditions or even whether the crops are still grown.

The payments are heavily weighted to the biggest producers, with the top 10 percent getting two-thirds of the subsidies.

Another government pork program that no politician seems to have the desire to end. The few votes they buy for $5 billion does not swing elections, but it is not their money they use so why not--it is your money!

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