A little learning, indeed, may be a dangerous thing, but the want of learning is a calamity to any people.

- Frederick Douglas


No, not just another weekend, but a time for celebration. Fireworks, baseball, hotdogs, apple pie, ribs, chicken, obesity, booze, itís all a celebration of the good life that is ours. With celebrations this explosive, we must be celebrating something special, and we are, the big chick.

This weekend we will be celebrating the fourth of July, our Declaration of Independence, something many thought was worth going to war over. Now, it appears in our country that many believe as the gigantic pundit that nothing is worth going to war over, and we have nothing to protect, but they are wrong, and they would have helped the British a couple hundred years ago. So be it, it takes all kinds.

This July fourth we need to remember that what was once worth fighting for still requires a fight. We still have to fight to secure our freedom from government, we still need to fight for our right to be independent of the government, we still have to fight those that want the tyranny of yesterday for their power today, and we have to do this realizing how few are really willing to stand up and say, ďLeave me alone, I want to be free! You be you and Iíll be me!Ē

On this day, celebrate! Celebrate what has been and what could be, and join the fight, the fight for the freedom you have and the freedom you deserve. If you are not willing to stand up for you, how can you expect someone else to take the stand on your behalf?

And as you celebrate, think about our friends in the military who take a stand on your behalf, just because you ask them too.

Celebrate what will be, and declare your independence, your freedom.

Enjoy, and fight the good fight.

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