We shall leave this world as foolish and as wicked as we found it when we arrived.

- Voltaire

Barack Will Win! Wright Will Lose! McCain in Whitehouse!

This is so boring because it is so predictable.

If things continue as everything appears, Barack Obama will be the Democratic party's presidential candidate and his close friend and mentor Reverend Wright will lose the presidential election on his behalf.

It seems strange, but a hail Hillary is the (D)'s last hope.

This is getting boring...

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Tom g wrote:

The more I hear of this campaign the more that I think the Democratic Party would be better served if Hillary Clinton were the nominee. She knows policy better, she understands the power structure of Washington, and it will not just go away because a candidate says so, and I suspect that Obama will be savaged by the Republicans once he stops getting air cover from Hillary who has taken most of the hits from the press and the Republicans. Hopefully Pennsylvanians will give the party cause for serious thought before it is too late.
04/19/08 20:26:33

Patty Henderson wrote:

Hillary is by far the BEST nominee. Let's help her get it. She is the brightest and the most perservering and did not need to take a vacation in the middle of a major campaign. She did not buy the campaign like Oprah did for Obama. Where do you think he got ALLLLL that money. Oprah's reach is far into every corner of America...Unfortunately. This whole process has been severely tainted, especially when she personally started campaigning for a 46 yr old inexperienced black man..And race is NOT an issue. Right?? I'm totally disgusted. And we all know that 92% or more of the blacks have regularly been voting for a black man. Why? Because he's the best?? No The most experienced??? no. wHY?? wHAT DO YOU THINK. ?? gUESS.
05/10/08 22:22:42

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