The Half-Million Dollar Breast

It wasnít that nice. Sure, it was alright, if you pulled it up on the net for a close look at the nipple jewelry, but a half-million? Please.

Or perhaps Americans are afraid of breasts, not enough of us having been breastfed or having seen someone breastfed. It is natural, really. (Large metal piercing on the breast; not natural, a choice.)

The Super Bowl halftime show blows chunks, big chunks, which is why the whole ordeal was never seen by my eyes. It blows, and I donít wait around to see how bad it will blow. But, we do have a question about sensibilities.

It was a breast. Just a breast. Never watch the halftime show again, turn the channel, boycott the sponsors, but freedom of speech, expression means even those things we do not agree with, and even those things we find offensive. (Personally, I do not find breasts offensive.)

The government receives a half-million dollars to continue its crusade of good in your name, and you are told that you not only have the right to be offended by a breast, but the expectation that the government will do something about the breast. And, the breast will never go away. It has appeared before, and will again.

Really, who are the idiots in all of this? Freedom within whose guidelines? And, if you feel it is a good idea to fine them for something you deem inappropriate, donít be too upset when someone fines you for being offensive, ugly, stupid, PC, wrong, whatever reason hits them at the moment. If you do not expect tolerance, how can you expect it from others?

Janet Jacksonís breast wasnít that nice, though the jewelry was interesting. A half-million dollar breast? Seen better.

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