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Feel Good, Starve the Poor

Among the reasons food prices have skyrocketed is because agricultural land has been used not to produce food but to produce corn for ethanol, a politically correct fuel, as well as other biofuels. As is always the case for the absurdity of political correctness, there are consequences; by choosing to use corn for fuel, you are choosing to starve a human being to death.

Yes, that is right, we are saying that you politically correct fools who pursue the absurdity of corn as fuel and not food are making a choice to kill another human being so you can feel good about "saving the environment." Think about how insane this is! It does not bother you to starve a human being to death in the poorest places in the world, something that is real, as long as you can feel good about using an "eco-friendly" fuel, a lie?

"It's the worst crisis of its kind in more than 30 years," said Jeffrey Sachs, the economist and special adviser to the United Nations secretary general, Ban Ki Moon. "It's a big deal, and it's obviously threatening a lot of governments. There are a number of governments on the ropes and I think there's more political fallout to come."

Indeed, as it roils developing nations, the spike in commodity prices - the biggest since the administration of Richard Nixon - has pitted the globe's poorer south against the relatively wealthy north, adding to demands for reform of rich nations' farm and environmental policies.

But experts say there are few quick fixes to a crisis tied to so many factors, such as strong demand for food from emerging economies like China's; rising oil prices; and the diversion of food resources to make biofuels.

So, when you hear an ethanol supporter, realize they will let a man starve so they can feel good about the lie of biofuels.

That's messed up.

Political correctness is not only evil, it is deadly. Yeah, we know, it is hear to stay, no matter the cost to human life. (Isn't interesting that the same people pushing these eco-friendly fuels are the same people that once claimed to want to help feed the world's starving poor? Now they are willing to kill the hungry to feel good about their new cause.}

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