Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities. Truth isn't.

- Mark Twain

Let's Pretend We Care

Let us all pretend that the writing is not on the wall. We know that the US health system is amazing in the level of care it provides, and we know socialized medicine is disintegrating the world over, but we can close our eyes and accept it here.

Just as Bush loves government so did Mitt Romney. He loved government so much he gave Massachusetts a form of socialized health care:

Two years after the state's landmark health law was signed, the cracks are starting to show.

Costs are soaring and Massachusetts lawmakers are weighing a dollar-a-pack hike in the state's cigarette tax to help pay for a larger-than-expected enrollment in the law's subsidized insurance plans.

Does it bother the moronic loyal left, or right for that matter, that socialized medicine in a travesty in the making? No, because to support it shows you care, no matter how ass backwards the reasoning or how absurdly dishonest the scheme.

Those in government love government. It is there power base. When you support these people, left or right, you are the moron!

Go ahead, demand socialized medicine. Someday, you will get what you deserve, and as you watch someone around you die as they wait for their ration of the system, remember that this was what you wanted and what you saw coming, and you thought it was more important to sound like you cared.

Yes, the writing is on the wall, but it looks so good to act like we care.

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