Freedom of speech means allowing not just those you embrace to speak, but those you fear. The problem with so many is that they fear freedom more than anything.

- e. a. graham

Free to Not Be Free at Olympics

It is clear, politics have permeated all aspects of society. The Olympics are becoming a political free for all, but the Chinese know how to stop dissent:

Athletes who display Tibetan flags at Olympic venues — including in their own rooms — could be expelled from this summer’s Games in Beijing under anti-propaganda rules.

Jacques Rogge, the president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), said that competitors were free to express their political views but faced sanctions if they indulged in propaganda.

What? Free to express political views buy not indulge in propaganda? What they Chinese are saying is, "You better not express anything, or the state will punish!"

Quiet, the Chinese government is in the house.

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