If you ever injected truth into politics you have no politics.

- Will Rogers

Pork Me!

The pork book is out and the news is never good, with one exception. Perhaps there is a chance John McCain may be a bit more conservative than the average liberal. Here is how the pork breaks down for the three remaining presidential candidates:

  • Clinton: 281 pork projects for $296.2 million of your dollars.

  • Obama: 53 porks for $97.4 million bucks from your back pocket.

  • McCain: 0 pork, which costs you nothing. Zip. Nada. (Yes, no pork for McCain--no, that does not mean he is Muslim.)

If this does not send a breeze over Clinton's corruption flag, nothing will. Clearly, Clinton is for sale. Though she cannot compare to "King of Pork" Thad Cochran, a (R)epublican who is the biggest porker, eating $892 at the trough. At least Clinton is from New York, where Cochran managed to acquire his largess for Mississippi. It makes one ill, nauseous.

Let's give credit to McCain. He is against pork, which means he does not partake. Nice.

Take a few minutes and read the pork report: 2008 Pig Book
(Download Summary)

BTW: Let's give thanks to Citizens Against Government Waste for taking the time to dish out a giant helping of truth.

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