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Pay Taxes, Let Corporations Get Them Back?

Equal treatment? If you have a bad year, maybe they will come up with a tax law that allows you to go back a few years a recoup the taxes you previously paid:

Now part of the bailout you haven't heard much about: tax breaks for homebuilders. "Corporate homebuilders -- including those responsible for the mortgage and housing crisis -- would receive billions of dollars in tax breaks under a provision of the Foreclosure Prevention Act currently pending in Congress," the Laborers' International Union of North America argued in a news release today.

More from the union: "Under the bill's little publicized 'carry-back' provisions, builders would get billions in tax breaks. The carry-back provision would allow homebuilders to apply losses from 2006 and 2007 as far back as five years against taxes paid on profits."

Congress is doing everything it can to make sure no one suffers from a market correction, not even those that grossly benefited.

Government is nothing more than corruption masquerading as help, but look at who and how they really help.

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