There are those who have said we “invaded” Iraq for the oil, and there is Michael Moore who has said a lot of stupid things, but completely contradicting these statements Iraq had their sovereignty returned yesterday. You would think those opposed to us would be a bit happier, but instead there is another tape of an executed captive.

Spc. Keith M. Maupin, 20, of Batavia, Ohio, appears to have been shot, on video of course. Perhaps on video so that Michael Moore can use it in his next film, describing what George Bush did to Marines. (There is one person who has clearly, unabashedly profited from the war on terror. You know who. Also, some say you can download his movie for free.)

Now, the political maelstrom of Iraq becomes even more internal, and it may play out very badly, but it could also play out well. Many Americans, civilians and servers alike, are working hard for success, regardless of the vitriolic attack of those who wish defeat for their own personal gain, their righteousness.

Most of us want the best for others. Most Americans want Iraq to succeed in freedom, independence. Most Americans.

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