Obama Confirms

Like we have said, it is over for Hillary whether or not she wishes to accept the truth. According to Gallup:

"Obama has extended his lead over Hillary Clinton among Democrats nationally to 52% to 42%..." [Read]

There is no practical way for Hillary Clinton to gain the nomination, but if she somehow finds a way she more than deserves it all.

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What Worng With US! wrote:

We all know its is over. But we're talking Royal crappy blood Clinton's. They think just like the Bushes that America is Monarchy and teher are only two blood lines. The Bushes and Clintons. I will bet my bottom dollar one os teh Bushes cummies will eventually marry Chelsea and tehn we will finally have a crowning ceremony. This is an absloute cult type behaviour both Clinton and Bush are illumanati. No surprise there. I am only hoping staying in the race is the only thing she(Evil) is focusing but somewhere there's a fear I have in my heart for Barracks personnel safety. The Clintons and Bushies are not only Evil but they justify end result justifies everything policy. I pray for Barrack's safety every second of the day.
04/01/08 14:16:13

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