Dutch Politician Geert Wilders Now Target #1

Summing up the perspective of some of Islam's most aggressive, Dutch politician Geert Wilders may have made himself target number one. Take fifteen minutes and see what so many try to ignore:

Google Video: Fitna (English)

It may not be easy to watch, but as far as politics goes it should help you choose your master leader.

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What is Wrong with us? wrote:

This is another blatant attempt to further the bloodshed, hostility an divide.If I had not lived in Spain I probably too would have been as ignorant as Wilder.

If ISLAM was so anti Christian, JEWS then how does Wilder or these idiots who would much rather see the divide widens explain Spanish Islam after the fact what CRUSADERS did to Muslims.

I say grow up you Danish Fools and get on with real Global problems i.e. Global Warming and Hatred and Killing of Innocents.

In any case we the Americans need to take the first step and elect Barrack to start a new chapter in Global Harmony and Peace.

Second please have objectivity and courage to denounce any attempt to further divide or create hostilities, this only aids War Mongers i.e. Bush, Chenny, Wilder and last but not least Clintoites.

Peace Out Barrack 2008 Win it baby.
03/29/08 16:21:23

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