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First Hillary Lied, Now Obama A Liberal? What Next?

Since it looks like Obama is probably going to be the candidate, some in the media figured it was a good time to start letting people know that the candidate who is every man's every man is quite actually "a liberal"--and so noted by his rating as the most "liberal" senator in 2007 by National Journal.

In most major areas, Obama has taken positions that would seem to conform to the Republican stereotype of a liberal. Like Clinton, he favors expanding the government's role in delivering health care, and would pay for that by ending President Bush's tax cuts for the rich. He would go a step further than Clinton by lifting the limit on income taxed for Social Security, now $100,000, to set that program on firm footing. [Read]

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What is wrong with Americans wrote:

Gosh the most corrupt, dishonest Media and their sheep Hillary Clinton followers are now concern, how liberal Barrack is? so let me set record straight for all the hype and character assassination plot you guys can carve up, will not be enough to derail OBAMA Train. The time has come and Barrack not only be the nominee for Democrats, but will also win in Presidential Election. I have NEWS for all Clintonites and McCAINITES ;

03/26/08 11:10:37

Goynk wrote:

Do you think Clinton supporters will settle for Obama? Do you think lot of republicans will vote as democrates to elect a worng presidential candidate so the republican party wins?

Do you see very slim chance of democratic presidency after reading above? Do you think Barack should have accepted Clinton's offer? Do you think it will have negative effect on Barack because he rejected the Path to winning Democratic Presidency?
03/30/08 21:23:59

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