If you ever injected truth into politics you have no politics.

- Will Rogers

Obama Hurt

Is this why Hillary Clinton has waited around?

Even if some have tried to overlook the story of Barack Obama's pastor, it is no longer possible. This story has gained significant traction, enough that it could undermine Barack's candidacy. This is Barack's mentor which will frighten many who may become concerned that the real racist in the campaign may be Barack Obama.

But is it too little too late for Hillary?

It ain't over till...

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What is wrong with Americans wrote:

If every ignorant person who's constantly ranting about what Rev. Wright said or about Barrack's association with him is sin and biggest let down that Barrack has had. As a normal sensible educated human being from Europe I am just amazed how uneducated US citizens are both about their own and Global history and their Holly Book "BIBLE" if any of these idiots who are bend on destroying what could be potentially a last hope for changing America from arrogant and destroyer of Global Peace, Environment and Stability to a supporter and a Global leader promoting Peace and harmony among Nations of the World. My fair is US citizens have always made bad choices i.e. Bush vs. Gore, and they will do the same by destroying Barrack, I can see the true Evil and its onslaught from Republicans and Democrats alike these are the people who want to maintain class base system in America. they don't want what is good for USA. Hillary Clinton and John McCain are part of this EVIL that will continue its wrath now planning to destroy IRAN.
03/20/08 13:49:30

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