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Obama Creep

Hillary may not want to concede but as Barack Obama wins Mississippi by a nearly 2 to 1 margin does she really have a choice.

Obama has steadily crept his way toward victory as Hillary hopes the big states can keep her in the game. She may not want to admit it is over, but come on...

We have to say it: Obama is the Democratic Party's presidential candidate.

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Jordan wrote:

From what I've seen, Obama won't have enough delegates either. I suspect that the party elders tell him, "you're 46, she's 60, let her go first."
03/12/08 11:17:09

Tippy wrote:

I do not think it has anything to do with the PEOPLE anymore. It has much to do with Mrs. Clinton's selfishness. Jordan, as to your comment - It does not have much to do with age, but much to do with what the PEOPLE want. Since Mr. Obama has led continuously in the delegate count, in the popular vote, and with the most states won, why would you think he should step aside. Especially, since Mrs. Clinton does not have 35 years of making any good judgment calls. She has failed with healthcare, crisis (which are only with Bill's infidelities - absolutely nothing else) - what a joke. She appears to be bi-polar with the many mood swings and temper tantrums. I would not want anyone like her in charge, not even second in command.

She really needs to step aside and stop tearing the Democratic Party apart with all the whining and the temper tantrums begging to break all the rules at all cost to WIN.
03/12/08 21:40:31

jodi wrote:

Tippy: I hope you were drunk when writing that least alcohol would explain the clear stupidity.

Tippy said "She has failed with healthcare, crisis (which are only with Bill's infidelities - absolutely nothing else) - what a joke.

Ignoring the non sense let's just look at the healthcare issue. Fact: Hillary, during Bill Clinton's Presidency attempted to get a national health care program going against all republicans (they were the majority) and all health insurance groups (because they will not make as much money) Today with a democrat majority in the Senate and House, Hillary will be successfull with a universal health care system. Obama with his "judgement" has already agreed to fail at universal health care and instead will only try for a partial health care which leaves out at least 15 million people...that is failure before he even starts.

Now wake up Obama Kool-aid drinkers. Democrat Super deligates have one job and only one carefully....."VOTE FOR THE MOST ELECTABLE CANDIDATE AFTER A PRIMARY AND CONSIDER WHICH CANDIDATE MAY HAVE TOO MUCH BAGGAGE TO BE ELECTED." They are to insure that republicans or green party or any other group has not affected the democrat primary by voting in our weakest or un-electable candidate. Obama has won mostly Republican states which will be carried by McCain in Nov. Obama has shown himself to be far less than honest and only comes forward when the press has the goods on him like with the Rev. Wright. Obama has sat in that church for 20 years and exposed his young daughters to the white hate speaches. Obama's father, grandfather and brother are muslum and Obama only became Christian when trying to get elected to the IlLL state senate. Obama has shown very poor judgement even in the running of this race by removing his name from the MI ballot despite knowing the rules included a way for htose deligates to be seated in June after a hearing within the DNC. Obama is clearly an un-electable candidate in Nov. If the Super deligates were drunk enough to nomiate Obama then we can start calling John McCain, Mr. President now.

The person tearing the democrat party apart is Obama. If he had not played the race card by pretending Bill's statement or Ms. Ferraro's statement was racist when they certaqinly are not racist but factual, then I would have accepted Obama as I will not vote democrat for the first time in my life if Obama is on the ticket at all.
03/19/08 10:02:18

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