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- Mark Twain

Hillary's Last Day

Is today the last day of Hillary's campaigning career? Ohioans and Texans are the big deciders.

Will they bid a fond farewell?

posted at 10:57:06 on 03/04/08 by clearpolitics - Category: The Cause - [Permalink]

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jack strauss wrote:

it's HILLARY time! She's the best candidate for this job by far and i'm glad obama's sheen is starting to wear off. he's the one who pulled out the race card, whose lies are already starting to surface around NAFTA and Rezko and who knows what else the Republicans will surely dig up. thank you for all your sexist comments, now we know what kind of people support him. She's been re-elected to NY senate because she obviously did a great job and was instrumental and picking up ny's pieces after 9/11 by nurturing and helping the families, firefighters and cops who were affected. SHE is the kind of president we need. Hillary's not afraid to take on challenges and face them head on with a plan to ACT on. No more empty promises! VOTE HILLARY 08!! bring home texas ohio vermont and rhody and then onto pennsylvania!
03/04/08 16:32:24

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