Inevitable Barack

What if?

  • What if Barack Obama becomes the "inevitable" candidate? Will his turnout be so strong?

  • What if people become afraid Barack Obama is married to a racist? His wife has mentioned how the most liberal whites she associated with in college saw her as black--which should not be a surprise because "liberals" never see individuals, and, yet, she wishes to identify with these "liberals".

  • What if the Barack-o-rama train stalls? Movements powered by zealots always run out of steam--it takes too much energy to keep the hysteria alive.

  • What if people realize Barack Obama is just a man? He may be a good man, but he is still simply a man.

Do you really think Hillary Clinton needs anything more than a "What if?" to swoop in and find her waiting throne of inevitability?

It has been assumed that the race is over. What if it is not?

She is only a "What if?" away.

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James Taulbee wrote:

It isn't a matter of what if? The love affair with Obama will pass as does all love affairs. What is left after the love affair is what counts.
I'll stick with Clinton!!
02/23/08 09:40:43

jack strauss wrote:


it's HILLARY time! She's the best candidate for this job by far and i'm glad obama's sheen is starting to wear off. he's the one who pulled out the race card, whose lies are already starting to surface around NAFTA and Rezko and who knows what else the Republicans will surely dig up. Hillary's been re-elected to NY senate because she obviously did a great job and was instrumental and picking up ny's pieces after 9/11 by nurturing and helping the families, firefighters and cops who were affected. SHE is the kind of president we need. Hillary's not afraid to take on challenges and face them head on with a plan to ACT on. No more empty promises! VOTE HILLARY 08!! bring home texas ohio vermont and rhody and then onto pennsylvania!
03/04/08 16:34:49

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