Ugliness Exists

For those who think we are the cause of the world’s ugliness, what do you think the people who have made a hobby out of beheading would be doing if they were not tearing through the flesh and bones of others?

And for those who succumbed to the argument that the Nick Berg beheading was because of the “torture” at Abu Grahib, what excuse are you buying now?

And when we pack-up and leave, what do you think these vile men will be doing, playing pinochle? Think. Bad people exist, bad people who do bad things. Sure, they have not done them to you, yet, and they most likely will not, as you can hide behind the soldiers of a giant, whining.

There is good and evil, and everyone must choose a side, and for those who wish not to choose you must remember that to not stand against evil is a choice to stand with evil.

posted at 13:30:25 on 06/22/04 by clearpolitics - Category: War - [Permalink]

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