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Obama Getting Shafted by Democratic Party

It is interesting that even though Barack Obama has the lead in delegates garnered through the voting process of the primaries, 918 to Hillary's 885, Hillary leads in the overall delegate count.

The Democratic party has hundreds (796) of "super-delegates" that are not bound by voters in any way. This allows party chieftains and insiders to exert "super" control over the party's nomination process. These party insiders favor Hillary by nearly 2 to 1 -- 223 to 131 pledged -- even though the voting process has favored Obama.

If there is any discussion of who is interfering with Obama's nomination, fingers need to be pointed to the leadership of the Democratic party. If the super-delegates were distributed proportionally, Obama would be leading Hillary Clinton with 1098 to 1059 delegates, but Hillary leads 1108 to 1049.

The Democratic Party: Representing the masses, chosen by the few.

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dbski4it wrote:

If super-delegates were distributed proportionally then there won't be any point in having them. The Democratic party leadership (Bill Clinton and Howard Dean) want to run the candidate that they choose. The primaries only choose the top two or three, then the king makes choose their candidate.
02/11/08 16:43:58

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