A little learning, indeed, may be a dangerous thing, but the want of learning is a calamity to any people.

- Frederick Douglas

Barack, The Easy Choice

People talk about Barack-o-mania, but it is easy to like Barack Obama:

- He is not a Clinton.
- His experience, however little it may be, comes from his efforts, not from his spouse's--not sure how Hillary gets away with calling her years as Bill wife "experience", though an experience it surely has been.
- He offers hope. (Who does not like a dose of hope, no matter how ethereal it may be.)
- He promises change. (Again, the vagaries allow all to assume the change he promises is the change they want.)
- He seems very likable.
- He appears to be a positive, supportive individual. (People are always looking for positive support in their life.)
- And, last but not least, no one clearly knows where he stands on issues.

The last one may be a problem when someone says, "the emperor has no clothes," but until then, it seems Barack is the easy choice.

As he is campaigning against Clinton, it is hard to fathom him ever not being the easy choice.

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