Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it whether it exists or not, diagnosing it incorrectly, and applying the wrong remedy.

- Earnest Benn

Ignorant Electorate

There is no other way of making the statement: ignorant electorate.

Some people say if you vote for a member of the (L)libertarian party or the (G)reen party you are throwing your vote away. No, these candidates may not win, but if the Libertarian or Green or whatever candidate speaks to the principals you value, then it is a worthwhile vote; a vote of purpose; a vote of possibility. But there are some who throw away their vote in such a way it makes you wonder if they only came out because they had nothing better to do.

In California, Super Tuesday's delegate buffet, around 15% of the voters in both the (D)emocratic and (R)epublican primaries voted for candidates who have dropped out of the race! These people, many hundreds of thousands of them, are voting for candidates who have very publicly declared that they are no longer seeking the presidency. Edwards (D) and Giuliani (R) are each pulling about 10% of the vote of their respective party. Talk about throwing your vote away.

Every election, without fail, there is clear indication that the ignorant get out and vote. These are the people voting for gargantuan bond issues to be saddled upon future generations, burdening the future for their current ease, and then complain government is a ineffective and needs to do more. These are the people who have an inability to reason and can be quietly led to slaughter. These are your neighbors. These are your co-workers. These are the people that give us the absurdity of every day life.

The silver lining: Without ignorance, there is no brilliance.

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Sid Milburn wrote:

I don't think that the ignorant are voting. I am thinking that this is the way that "they" (whoever "they" are) cheat (in addition to ballot box stuffing, dead people voting, and as in Washington, counts stop before all of the votes have been counted....what kind of crap is that?!).

Candidates who are no longer in the race should not remain on the ballot. Votes are "registered" for these candidates (highly unlikely that anyone would be so stupid or ignorant as to vote for someone who is no longer running)and it siphons percentages and/or votes from those running. Case in point, look at how Huckabee was "hosed" out of the delegates that he would have received from a victory in Louisiana.

There's no doubt in my mind that he would have had more than the 50% needed had votes not been siphoned off to candidates who were no longer running (but still on the ballot). This (and this "super delegate" nonsense) proves to me that elections in this country are a farce and that "they" install who they want (a marionette who has been bought and paid for that will do whatever "they" want instead of what is best for the United States Of America).

It is becoming more apparent to me that officials are not elected. It is total b.s. !!!!! This country needs an enema. Maybe that will happen as more people become aware of what is really going on.
02/11/08 21:09:49

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