Budget Prescience

Ron Paul. There, we gave the name of someone who understands the problems with budget of these united states. Now, we have to consider what the four front runners would do.

Like all "great" [sarcasm alert] clear politicians, President George W. Bush has offered a budget that, if followed for many years and the overly optimistic projections are reached, will balance years after he leaves office; 2012 to be precise. He said, "Our formula for achieving a balanced budget is simple: Create the conditions for economic growth, keep taxes low, and spend taxpayer dollars wisely or not at all." [Read]

Somewhere along the line he failed to mention that in real-time, now, his budget is as it has been, running bloated deficits. In fact, he will set records for his deficits and his spending. This is a Republican? A "conservative"? He has never spent taxpayer money wisely and government does not create conditions for economic growth, they create conditions to inhibit growth and can only remove those burdens. If you want to read his idea of spending taxpayer monies wisely, read the 2009 budget he has presented.

Makes you wonder, is there a candidate that has any semblance of fiscal responsibility? We know it is not Hillary. There is no evidence that it is Barack. McCain? That's a joke, he ought to be called McBush. Romney might actually be a possibility; he has been involved in running businesses and organizations that had fiscal constraints. You would think we would expect fiscal responsibility to be a minimum requirement of our leaders, but apparently it is not on the application.

For the most part, these candidates have done what candidates do, promise to give us programs, incentives, government. We are apparently too stupid to realize it is our money they are spending and are happy to be seduced by the promises. Would it not be nice if they promised to simply be responsible and reign in an unwieldly, bloated government; if they just promised to be fisacally responsible?

And why is that considered conservative? Is that not simply the trait of a forward thinking leader?

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