Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it whether it exists or not, diagnosing it incorrectly, and applying the wrong remedy.

- Earnest Benn

Super Settling Tuesday

For the most part, much of the craziness will be settled tomorrow. After the delegate distribution, there should be clear front-runners in both parties. Is there any possibility there is a great presidential candidate?

Barack Obama has been endorsed by MoveOn.org, a closed-minded, extremely biased and aggressive left leaning organization with questionable scruples. Does this help Obama or frighten voters to Hillary? Hillary has an angry Bill, which has not helped her campaign.

McCain, it is clear, is not a conservative in the mold of anyone except George W. Bush, who brought us big government and "getalongs", as in "Can't we all just get along? Here's a government program we can all enjoy." McCain's endorsement by the Remocrat Arnold Schwarzenegger did not help convince anyone he may be a conservative. The alternative is Romney, who does not sit well with many for various reasons--his Mormonism among them, but it has been mostly liberals complaining about that aspect.

Ron Paul? Does not seem to be getting any traction, no matter how appropriate some of his positions. Is it his appearance? His presence? Whatever it is, it is not happening, unless there is a miracle tomorrow.

In this cult of personality culture, it is not about the best and the brightest--they do not participate--it is about settling. The lesser of two evils for some, the polarizing position for others. These are our choices, c'est la vie.

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