I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than to those attending too small a degree of it.

- Thomas Jefferson

End. Eat.

In order to have a well rounded opinion, one must be well rounded. So, the weekends are not for politics.

Though politics cannot be escaped, as it affects our everyday lives, our dwelling on the issues can be escaped. No talking heads rehashing the week past, poorly forecasting the week ahead. No, that has gone and will come. What will we do to be well rounded?

Suggestion: A good meal. At least one good, delicious meal that will excite the senses, and if you are loaded with passion, take the gamble and cook that meal on your own. Let it be an adventure, and wondrous.

If you are going to the movies [The politicking is in the ticket.], perhaps the most telling movie about the state and religion as of late is The Chronicles of Riddick. Good? Not really, but interesting, especially viewed from the religious aspect of “convert or die.” Also, the sets were interesting, but, alas, a great movie it was not. Then there is Saved! for those who like their religion with more humor, but again, not great. Perhaps we should forget religion and just play some dodgeball.

For those that wish to participate in the “C” word (congress), which is everyone, whether they admit it or not, remember that the number one aphrodisiac is relaxation. When one is relaxed, one allows themselves to experience.

No talking heads. No partisanship. No Clear Politics. And, a good meal.


; )

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jerry wrote:

i think the most damning evidence of our own self loathing is the lack of interest in foods that are are alive with flower. how did this country ever get to the point where almost everything is over salted, assaulted with msg, and drowned in a sea of gravies that all seem to resemble each other in the end? the few times that i visit chain restaurants the spice-group that accompanies meats is almost exactly the same. the only relief the seems to be is a good Korean or Indian restaurant, but choose carefully
well, blah blah blah. most americans just slam their food down their throats much the same as they allow their politics to be handled likewise.
by the way, i'm not a lefty with his pinky sticking out while he sips his tea. just an old GI who was fortunate enough to marry a NY Italian woman who loves to cook.
10/01/08 07:45:05

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