"Science does not answer questions, it creates better questions."

- e. a. graham

Itís the Economy, Stupid

An old saying, but always true. It is the economy that motivates, and so many of our social causes are only of interest because of the amount of leisure and prosperity available in our economy.

Job claims are down. Economic activity is up, and most likely will be so through the election. Interest rate hikes are around the corner, which means the economy is stronger than practically ďfreeĒ money. All good signs.

This is good for all those average Americans, whomever they are, but you know there are some out there who are a bit bummed that they will not be able to use this as the Clear Politics election issue they had hoped. As if all of the good news is due to Bush. Itís not, but if you are going to blame him for the bad economic conditions it would seem you would need to credit him with the good economic conditions.

There is a reason economics is called The Dismal Science. The good news can be bad. The bad news can be bad. Itís whatever you want to make it, but there are those who consider economics an art more than a science, with good reason, as it is used to paint the picture of your view.

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