If you don't do what you wanna do, you're just bullshitting yourself.

- Carroll Shelby

Stiulate the Non-Recession

Ben Bernanke continues to reiterate that the Fed is not forecasting a recession but supports a quick stimulus package, as does Remocrat George Bush, who also agrees the economy is just a bit slow. A quick, aggressive fiscal stimulus plan for the economy by the men who do not think there is any real economic problem, just a slow down? They believe economies are not supposed to slow down? They believe economies only go in one direction? What is clear is they both believe that the federal government is the central architect of the economy--was that not once referred to as Soviet style communism?

Bend over, the government is coming to your aid.

posted at 17:22:35 on 01/17/08 by clearpolitics - Category: Economics - [Permalink]

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