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Big Government Bush: Remocrats

Bush is proving once again that he is anything but a conservative with his support of a stimulus package to avert a recession. What is conservative about letting the market over-stimulate but not allowing it to correct? Let it go up. Let it come down. Be a conservative! (Like that is possible for one of the leading (R)emocrats in the last century.)

We are already in a recession, it is just that the government does not confirm this until at least six months later, when the data is in.

At the White House, spokesman Tony Fratto said, "The president does believe that over the short term, to deal with the softening of the economy, that some boost is necessary." That marked the first White House confirmation that Bush, confronting a deepening economic crises that has shaken much of the nation, supports government intervention. Until now, the White House said the president was just considering some type of short-term boost. [Read]

There we go, Remocrats is you new word. Remocrats: Democrats hiding behind an R--we can add Newt Gingrich to this list, as he has decided that his embrace of government is the "modernization" of the Republican party.

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