Economy Bubble Bursting

Inflation is the worst it has been in 17 years with no sign of improving and the Federal Reserve wants to make things worse by increasing inflation with a cheap dollar? Do you really want the government exacerbating the problem? Yes, your home's value will increase from a nominal perspective but only because the value of the dollar continues to be decimated.

And would it help things to learn that in Sacramento there are 9,097 homes for sale? How about if you learned that 6,518, a full 71.6%, are foreclosures! You have to feel a little bad for those that just want to sell their house and move to another location; the foreclosures rain on that parade.

Do not worry, there are many presidential candidates out there to tell you the government can fix the problem, and many voters who believe government is the solution, which means things will get worse before they get better. Remember, Michigan's solution has been higher taxes, which has not worked, but that has not stopped any legislator!

If they really want to help, the politicians should take a pay cut. That's right, a pay not hold your breath.

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