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Michigan has a rich history, but its recent course of politics suggest forward looking is no longer a tradition.

Michigan's economy is a mess...no, a super-mess. The fine citizens of Michigan, who have long enjoyed the nanny-car companies providing for them from cradle to grave, have grasped some of the most liberal (D)emocratic politics seen in a long time; everything for higher taxes to more government has been embaced with predictable results. The Michigan economy is in the tank with no rebound on the horizon.

Is it a coincidence that there is Democrat governor, Jennifer Granholm, at the top of the the Michigan pyramid? Do you think a state that elected Jennifer Granholm as Governor is going to be nominating any conservatives? This is a state where higher taxes are continually tried no matter how often they fail. It begs the question: "Who has the best chance in the Michigan primary?"

No one should expect anything more than the liberal candidates in each party to do well, because if you listen to their stump speeches they are promising Michiganites treats for their votes.

There has to be something wrong with politicians being able to buy votes by promising taxpayers financial gifts to vote for them. Their job is to govern, and govern least--oh well, that is just naivete.

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