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Off to the Races

New Hampshire is only the beginning. The battle is going to get nasty for the Democrats. The Republicans are still trying to see if the can put forth a candidate that is not a conservative. (Is there such a thing anymore?) The games of Clear Politics have begun.

As we have said here, neither Romney or Edwards will be the next president. We can add Huckabee to that list also.

Official New Hampshire results: NH Secretary of State

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Don-t count out Romney!!! wrote:

Don't count out Romney! Romney has been incredibly successful in the business field (Bain), turned-around the financial losses of the SLC Olympics, balanced the budget and eliminated the deficit in Mass. as governor (in a heavily left-leaning state). He's the only one who has what it takes to make the changes we need in Washington!!! We ought to be on our knees thanking him for running for president!!!
01/13/08 23:58:34

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