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Bloomberg Ego Paused

Apparently Barack Obama's surge has give pause to New York Mayor Bloomberg's gigantic cloaked ego. The (D)emocratic mayor who pretends to be a (R)epublican pretending to be an independent has already lost steam from followers for his independent presidential candidacy. He was looking to push another unoriginal "stop the partisanship bickering and vote for non-committed centrist" campaign but Obama seems to be attracting everyone tired of the one party disguised as two bickering.

First Hillary, now Bloomberg? How are far-left Democrats posing as centrists supposed to get a break with Barack around? Before Barack worries about Republicans he better keep an eye out for the Democrats whose wet dreams he is ruining. (What is it about the New York Dems that makes them believe they have insight the rest of the world does not possess? There is something about that dirty NYC water...)

People close to the mayor say that he will probably decide in March whether he will run, assuming that Democrats and Republicans have settled on their presumptive nominees. His aides have been researching the cumbersome process for starting an independent campaign, and a crucial date is March 5, when third-party candidates can begin circulating petitions to get a spot on the ballot in Texas. [Read]

Election politics is a self-imposed tax on the rich.

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