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If the Democrats are in power, they feel they have the right to impose their view on the populace. The Republicans strongly disagree, suggesting government is limited. When the Republicans are in power, they want to impose their views. Democrats are outraged, as the views are wrong, the issues are wrong.

The truth is, if you have the right to impose your view on me when you are in charge, I have the right to impose my view on you when I am in charge. If it is wrong for me to impose my view on you, it is wrong for you to impose yours on me, even if you think your view is correct. (The founding of this country was supposed to be a bit stronger on minimizing such imposition.)

What is the point? Gay marriage. Republicans are supposedly going to consider a Constitutional Amendment to outlaw same sex marriage. How about this: If you are opposed to same sex marriage, then don’t marry someone of the same sex. Otherwise, let others marry whoever consents to the offer.

Clear Politics? They are supposedly going to do this right before their convention, which I guess means they are going to learn how middle of the road Americans are, as this bird will not fly well.

(Curiosity: How come this is so important when I don’t see them protesting convicts getting married. Convicts marrying in prison, there is a recipe for social ills, but it is the gays that are so frightening. Haven’t they ever been hit on before? They could just say “No!”)

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Kerry may want to consider saying nothing and letting the other-side campaign themselves to a loss. (Wasn’t there something about Bush’s daughters giving campaign speeches?)

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