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Is it logical to conclude, based on the increased attempts to destabilize Iraq, that the transfer of power to the IGR (Iraqi Governing Council) on June 30th is a step in the right direction? As the date nears, violence has increased by the radical factions. One had to wonder why?

Why are they so opposed to fellow Iraqis taking charge of their country? Why are they killing the new leaders, Iraqi leaders? If they would have more power, be better able to seize control from a weak Iraqi government, would they not want the governing to be turned over to fellow Iraqis? Or, is this a last gasp?

It may be desperation, a final attempt to use violence to wrest control from those trying to build a new Iraq by trying to build a better tomorrow. It is so easy to destroy, but to build takes effort, sacrifice, and those who are willing to help build the future of Iraq have given their lives, the lives of family members, yet they still forge ahead, like the founders of a great nation.

“…the transfer of sovereignty from the US-led occupation to an Iraqi government in June would contribute to stability in Iraq.” That was the statement of the Foreign Minister of Iraq. We can only hope, as all forge ahead, that stability, peace and prosperity awaits.

Why the escalation in violence? Perhaps because it is the beginning of the end, and the end of the beginning.

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leonakillgo wrote:

were would i find a link about the story of marine sniper and fallujah
11/28/04 19:56:07

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