Lower tax rates provide an incentive to work.

- Edward Prescott

Happy New Year!

Another year is but history and the future, as always, offers hope. We here at ClearPolitics.com appreciate your taking a moment to visit. We enjoy the tumbling of the mind and without your taking the effort to stop by we would be ranting in the wind like the homeless man ignored while he shouts on a busy street corner.

For all we say here, we would like to take a moment and recognize that most people are good. Though we may not always agree with many of the morons marching in lock-step, we realize they are for the most part limited by their abilities; people are generally decent, but politics brings out the worst.

We are fortunate enough to live in a country where we have some say over our future and it is time to wake up and change the course of this train wreck. Governments at all levels promise everything, building programs that even the most burdensome taxes will eventually break. They do not have the discipline to stop buying your vote, so it is up to us to say you want little from them. Perhaps that can be the New Year's resolution: ask little of the government, and expect little.

Whatever happens, the bickering among parties will continue; the politicians and their lobbyists will continue to fiscally rape the electorate for the benefit of the few. But when all is said and done, hopefully we can be civil and provide a bit of enlightened discourse.

Politics, in the long run, is a power grab beyond the control of most individuals, but if you can educate just a couple of people around you and enjoy life at the same time, no matter what happens you will have a great year and plant the seed for a better future.

Again, thanks for stopping by and hanging out on occasion.

Happy New Year!

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