Where are My WMDs?

The removal of these materials from Iraq raises concerns with regard to proliferation risks,” said Demetrius Perricos, acting executive of UNMOVIC.

Bush and Kerry have policies not too dissimilar with regard to Iraq, so let’s hear, find, the truth out about WMDs. If WMDs were shipped out of Iraq before and during the attack last year, is it not in our best interest to at least know where they are?

There are those who want to believe in the “George Bush and the Intelligence Community are Great Fools” theory, so much so that they are comfortable believing Iraq only had a six-gun and some knives when we mercilessly assaulted their leader’s hut. So much so that they will not consider that WMDs exist, they will not consider that we may want to consider the “missing” WMDs a risk.

Clear Politics is a game so ingrained in some that they are not willing to consider anything that may cost them political gain. If WMDs exist, existed, let’s know where they are, what has happened, and what we can do about safeguarding against their proliferation.

Clear Politics with national security? Not even Kerry seems to want to play that game, but for some, the hatred is so deep that the Great Fools theory is all they can see, even if it is Clear Politics.

Is the truth really that frightening? It will come out.

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