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Avoid WEAK Dollar

When you are negotiating your next contract with your employer, there may be a demand more valuable than a raise: demand to be paid in Euros. The US Dollar continues its plunge as the once powerful world currency hit another record low against the Euro. [Read] Think we have hit bottom? Then do not open your eyes.

No one wants the US economy to weaken, but that is the case, relatively. Things will get worse before they get better; just know what is ahead you will not only survive but prosper. Wait a bit to make your purchases. Avoid debt. Try to use an alternate currency.

It seems an act of desperation, but it is protection. Protect yourself from the falling dollar and ask for the Euro instead. (The Euro was once a joke, a wannabe dollar. Now what is the joke?)

posted at 13:08:35 on 11/06/07 by clearpolitics - Category: Economics - [Permalink]

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