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Government is Long for GREED

Yes, the government's debt situation is really ours and our children's. Is it any wonder the dollar continues to lose value?

Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) said Congress’s deficit spending has become a moral issue surpassing abortion because it saddles future generations with massive debt before they’re born.

“The greatest moral issue of our time isn’t abortion, it’s robbing our next generation of opportunity,” Coburn told reporters at a breakfast meeting Thursday at the National Press Club. “You’re going to save a child from being aborted so they can be born into a debtor’s prison?”

The conservative Republican also criticized his own party, saying voters bounced the GOP from office for their hypocrisy. “It’s not a bad thing power changed last year,” said Coburn, who also criticized President Bush for not doing enough to curb spending.

“He hasn’t been the ideal president when it comes to limited federal spending,” Coburn said.

The answer is not what can the government give us tomorrow but what can they stop doing today.

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