The Ignobility of Man's Hubris

Yes, Al Gore has won a Nobel Peace Prize. It appears he is correct and the science is settled: To win a Nobel you need to make a Powerpoint presentation riddled with ridiculousness that shows you are really worried and really care--even though you live a completely contradictory lifestyle. (Just think, the fool who runs the organization he shared the prize with had to work hard for decades and tries to live by his beliefs. Perhaps that is why Gore has insulted him.)

It is important, since the science is settled, that we ignore items such as the following:

Curiously, something that's rarely mentioned is that temperatures in Greenland were higher in 1941 than they are today. Or that melt rates around Ilulissat were faster in the early part of the past century, according to a new study. And while the delegations first fly into Kangerlussuaq, about 100 miles to the south, they all change planes to go straight to Ilulissat -- perhaps because the Kangerlussuaq glacier is inconveniently growing. [Read]

At least it was not a scientific award but a "he's really, really trying hard to be nice so everyone can get along" windbag award.

Congratulations to Al Gore for entertaining us with the absurdities of life. In the future, when you boast of a friend or family member receiving a Nobel prize, do not be surprised when you hear the discrediting retort, "So did Al Gore."

P.S. For those who do not understand why the baloney that is man-made global warming is seductive, consider that the ideology behind these fears gives man ultimate significance and power, making this planet dependent on man's actions. There are many who need to embrace a significance of lies as they are unable to face the insignificance apparent in truth.

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