Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities. Truth isn't.

- Mark Twain

Tomorrow Closed

Tomorrow is not a holiday for Federal workers, but holiday pay. If they do not have to go to work, they receive regular pay, but if they actually have to go in and do their job, they will receive holiday pay. Those in Cincinnati had the holiday taken away, while the lilí state of MO says it will cost them about $10 million and the Governor of Nevada said no.

Does anyone know if a single private enterprise that is giving their employees Friday off, or giving them holiday pay? Well, the problem is it costs them real money, and they actually have to work for their money, unlike the government who can demand their funds.

Crass to consider costs when talking about the death of a man? No, we have been talking about the death of this true leader for a week, and costs were something he talked about at great length, especially the cost of government.

Now, as the two great scientists, Laura and Nancy, fight it out [Nancy is the odds-on favorite.] over stem cell research, letís all take better care of ourselves so we have 93 years to wear a smile and right his world.

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