Subject opinion to coercion: whom will you make your inquisitors? Fallible men, governed by bad passions, by private as well as public reasons. And why subject it to coercion? To produce uniformity? But is uniformity of opinion desirable? No more than of face and stature.

- Thomas Jefferson

These are the people the American soldiers are standing behind and helping save Iraq. He is not asking the United States for any more than he gave. Before he gave his life he endured the loss of four brothers and six relatives, yet he continued--knowing the probable cost to himself:

Some 1,500 mourners called for revenge Friday as they buried the leader of the Sunni revolt against al-Qaida, who was assassinated by a bomb after meeting with President Bush earlier this month.

An al-Qaida front in Iraq claimed responsibility for the blast that killed Adbul-Sattar Abu Risha, 37, and three companions. A statement posted on the Internet by the Islamic State of Iraq called Abu Risha ``one of the dogs of Bush'' and described Thursday's killing as a ``heroic operation that took over a month to prepare.''

The statement could not be independently verified, but it appeared on Web sites commonly used by the insurgents. Al-Qaida earlier killed four of Abu Risha's brothers and six other relatives for working with the U.S. military.

Do we really want to turn our backs on the people of Iraq who are willing to fight for their country because we have not abandoned them?

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