The natural progress of things is for government to gain ground and for liberty to yield.

- Thomas Jefferson

Sorry, But the Economy is in Trouble

Politicians want to take credit when the economy is good and place blame on their counterparts when the economy is bad. The truth is the politicians only do one thing consistently: They get in the way of growth in the economy through regulation and taxation. All they can do to help is get out of the way by reducing taxes and reducing the burden of regulation, which they do not do.

What is the point? As we have been saying, the economy is quietly tanking, which is a natural occurrence after bubbles. Bear Stearns' CFO says the fixed income market is the worst he has seen in 22 years. The politicians keep wanting to say all is well, hoping the economy will not be too out of sorts by the next election. The words of assurance are simply for your consumption. A good or bad economy is irrelevant when you can vote yourself a pay raise, except as it pertains to campaigning.

Hillary Clinton is going to hang out with the wealthiest few who enjoy tax breaks you will never experience. They will give her small tokens of cash to guarantee her continued support of preferential treatment of this special economic citizen; those who do not labor for their income, but "invest." These are people she just criticized, condemning the "loop-hole" that provides them with preferential tax treatment.

Special treatment of the wealthiest class has always existed, and it is because the politicians are participants in this class that it always will. Hillary will accept the money, the ill gotten gains, and they will give them, knowing how to make a worthwhile investment. Guess who gets screwed?

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Bob Hawke wrote:

Hillary Clinton is a liar, and an absolute embarrassment to this country! All i hear her say.... "the middle class, the middle class"... the middle class cannot afford Hillary Clinton, however, Bab's Streisand, and all of her Hollywood elites can..... America.... don't screw this up! WAKE UP FOLKS!!
10/26/07 16:39:18

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