In nature there are neither rewards nor punishments; there are consequences.

- Robert Green Ingersoll

Gore Trumps Bush

When there are claims against George Bush that he has used the war on terrorism to manipulate the American people and abuse government power and control, it is worth discussion. Should we give up freedom for the illusion of greater security? Is not a free society inherently riskier than other societies? Is greater freedom not worth greater risk? Does confronting terrorism mean we have to lose freedom? It can definitely be argued that in fighting this war, the cost to our freedom is unacceptable.

Considering the argument for a free and open society while accepting that the government is increasing in power, is George Bush all there is to fear? Yes, there is a real enemy out there that wants to destroy our country. The size is arguable, as is their ability, but there is an enemy. What about the other faction that is trying to grow the power of the government, sans enemy?

Is it not bizarre that a free society is going to dictate the types of light bulbs you may have in your house? Is it not a bit bizarre that in a free society you are told what type of transport you should be using? Does no one fear that in order to make us better “caretakers” of the earth, the government is going to dictate how we should live? Does no one see that in this scenario there is no enemy, just an artificial set of problems used to promulgate not only governing power over the citizenry but coalescing of international power? And who is the enemy; us, only saved by the dictatorial actions of government looking after our best interest? A time frame too long to experiment with? A call to action that to ignore paints one with the label of evil-doer not caring about his fellow man? Something is out of whack here, and this makes Bush is a piker compared to Al Gore.

Al Gore may not have won the presidency, but he has won the minds of the mindless and the hearts of the cowards. He has created an enemy that cannot be questioned because it does not exist, and the enemy is growing. The government will grow, its power will grow, and we will lose more freedom to better fight an enemy who does not exist.

Like all wars, the warfare in the Middle-East will end, and the struggle to regain freedom will ensue. Like all causes, there is no end, and we will lose more freedom because we are unwilling to question the insanity. The war on poverty continues as cause. The war on drugs continues as cause. Lost causes, wars, not meant to be won, ongoing like the war to save the planet, as if it were a car we were meant to maintain.

Power coalesces, and we lose as we fight another bogeyman. The say the world is getting fatter, but that goes hand in hand with “fat and dumb.”

A side note: Why are those so opposed to real war, which is ugly and abhorring for a reason, so enthralled by fighting the bogeyman?

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Walter Fliess, FF wrote:

Lambs would rather go to slaughter happy than face the truth of their insignificance.

07/21/07 22:42:29

John wrote:

Liberal idiots.
07/24/07 03:49:12

Peter wrote:

What a load....if the President Of Pakistan had been assasinated last week (thank GOD he wasn't) you ignorant morons would have realized exactly what we're doing over there. Meaning: The bad guys are thisclose to get the bomb or WMDs. Don't forget Saddam HAD them..this has never been in question...that's why the inspectors were monitor the destruction...The only question was did he get rid of them or not...He may have moved them to Syria. regardless, Proof positive was found that he was planning on reconstituting his plans. I fyou know anything at all about the 'enemy of my enemy is my friend culture' long do you think it would have been before Saddam and Bin Laden got together? It's not a giant leap at all. Thank God for George Bush.
07/24/07 03:54:41

clearpolitics wrote:


What are you talking about? Did you read what you commented on?
07/26/07 13:13:00

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