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More Moore

Yes, we all know Sicko's Michael Moore is obese and that obesity is a burden on any medical system. (For those who say he can afford to be fat, you may want to consider that if doctors did not have to spend so much time on the obese and their related illnesses they would have to find something else to do, like treat patients who can exercise portion control.) But before too many jump onto his socialized medicine plan, take a look at how others are doing. Perhaps it would be worthwhile to look at Canada and their problems with socialized medicine.

The Fraser Institute has a lot of research into the Canadian health system, and many of their reports are available free for download:

Waiting Your Turn: Hospital Waiting Lists in Canada
Access Delayed, Access Denied: Waiting for Medicines in Canada
How Good is Canadian Health Care?

Remember: Canada is a much smaller country, so any problems they have would be greatly magnified in the United States of Amerika.

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